Happy Birthday

Walter is his neighbor; he lives a few doors down. There are two others in between them and even more in the general vicinity, but Walter has always been my favorite because they share the same birthday. It certainly isn’t because they knew each other (they didn’t), nor because they passed away on the same […]


Do you ever do things outside of your work hours that are the exact, complete opposite of your 9-5 (or whatever your hours are) activities? Your 9-5 might be an office, a truck going from here to there, it can be parenting, customer service in the retail sector, teaching, a courthouse, a gym, an airport […]

Two Birds

Did you know that refrigerated Duncan Hines home-style milk chocolate frosting tastes like fudge? I know this because sometimes I buy a 16 ounce container and, over the course of a few weeks, call a few spoonfuls dinner…along with a cocktail, natch. It lasts longer than an open container of most other refrigerated things I […]