G is for Gratitude

Why this blog? Why write every day?

“Thanky” began as nothing more than a project — a means of encouraging myself to see beyond the surface of an occurrence, and to identify at least one thing each day for which I am thankful. Things happen all the time. But for me, looking deeper than the “what” and pondering the “why” is what adds depth and richness to life. It encourages me to be grateful for much.

I began 2012 with a book of new daily devotions. During the latter half of 2011, I realized that I enjoyed reading them right before bed. Thus, when I saw the new, sparkly, pristine 2012 book in the store, I snatched it up without hesitation. After reading my devotion for January 1, I thought how magical it would be to keep track of my own daily meaningful moments and things for which I am thankful, then review them at the end of a year.

So here we are, with 2012 — and now 2013 — in the rear-view mirror. May 2014 bring gems your way which encourage you to devote thought and heart to the everyday and the seemingly ordinary. Here’s to delighting in, being thankful and expressing gratitude for them.

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