The Giveaway

Have you ever watched a movie, concert, visited a museum, been in awe of natural beauty, done or even seen something so moving to the point where you’re keenly aware of your heartbeat? At any second, it feels like it might just jump out of your chest. It’s pulsing and pounding, as if to tell you, […]


When you start something new, whether by your own doing or because someone asked for your involvement, the project takes on a whole new meaning. Why? You’re attached to it. Your name essentially defines it. What you put out into the world comes back to either bless you, or haunt you. What you offer up […]

The Art of Thanks

It’s a small word that can mean so much. “Thanks” is one syllable that, sadly, occasionally catches us off guard because we don’t hear it as much as we could — or should. I think it could be used far more in the business world, and I think everything in its wake needs to be […]

Thunderheads and Waves

Flying eye-level to thunderheads and over a seemingly calm, sky blue ocean, I was reminded today of our impact — on situations, on the world and on each other. From the ground, the air feels humid. Still. Stuffy. Only when we’re above the clouds do we see how much of an impact they really can […]

Beautiful Things

My parents used to love walking through model homes. I think they still do, but they don’t do it as much as I remember from my childhood. Housing tracts, condo complexes, town homes — everything new was fair game to look at and walk through. I’m not sure if the goal was ever to move, […]

The Marathon

You know that feeling where your stomach is in knots because of stress, worry or whatever? I’ve got it. Only the majority of my stress these days is behind me, and I am not plagued by worry. I simply feel worn out. Worn down. I can’t travel like I used to; I feel 86, not […]

Strange Happenings

During last night’s four-miler, I swallowed a bug. I’ve heard of people doing this before — known them, even. Goldie Hawn’s character does it in Overboard and, at long last, it was my turn. I’m not sure what I swallowed, but it was equal parts lemony and minty. It was dainty and slight, but it […]


So I’ve been reading a lot of commentary and opinions about Marissa Mayer’s Vogue photo shoot, and I really don’t see what all the hubbub is about. Do I see the photos of which they speak? Sure. Do I think they’re demeaning? Pshaw, please. I’ve read a lot of praise, and I’ve read a lot of […]