Strange Happenings

During last night’s four-miler, I swallowed a bug. I’ve heard of people doing this before — known them, even. Goldie Hawn’s character does it in Overboard and, at long last, it was my turn.

I’m not sure what I swallowed, but it was equal parts lemony and minty. It was dainty and slight, but it packed a punch for my taste buds. Gross.

This morning, traffic on the 5 freeway was wide open when most Fridays are as congested as the rest of the week. Weird.

I expected it’d be a long day at the office — maybe as late as 9 or 10 — but I left at 6. Odd…but I’ll take it with nary an argument.

Tonight I “followed” a recipe I’ve referred to many times before when a hankering for curried lentils came over me (yes, one can, in fact, hanker for a lentil). Only I didn’t follow it at all. I have no idea why I didn’t. What should’ve taken 30 minutes turned into an hour and a half because of all the stuff I threw into the pot. Strange. But ultimately tasty.

The last 24 hours have presented many “…what the?” moments, but I’ll take them all. When things go badly or not as we’d hoped, we complain. When they go well, we savor them but might forget to say thanks. But that middle ground — the unexpected, the things which catch us off guard or which make us scratch our heads — are the things, if we’re smart, that can open our eyes to how much differently — and potentially worse — they could’ve gone.

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