My Father’s Day

It’s hard to believe he’s not here with us — but even so, it’s still very much his day. Since 2015, June trips to the grocery store have become adventures in dodging the card aisle. TV viewing stings a little whenever a Father’s Day commercial makes an appearance. Meals out mean the possibility of spottting […]

Happy Birthday

Walter is his neighbor; he lives a few doors down. There are two others in between them and even more in the general vicinity, but Walter has always been my favorite because they share the same birthday. It certainly isn’t because they knew each other (they didn’t), nor because they passed away on the same […]

Go on faith.

“Just keep at it,” I heard him say. He’ll say things to me from time to time. Some are complete thoughts, other times they’re words that seem random but aren’t; they’re relevant to a situation or a problem, and they’re a beacon for my foggy brain. I am my father’s daughter. Stoic and reserved, I […]

Respond and ignore.

Sometimes the best efforts go unreturned. Is it worth it to chase them? Sometimes they intentionally turn us down. Sometimes they think we feel a certain way, but the reason for their silence is all in their head — and it’s theirs alone. Sometimes they think we’re totally in the know and they think we’re […]

Life and Love.

Sometimes I look around at the world, the news, the people, and I wonder if I shouldn’t just stay single forever. I’m not going to lie — I seem to have very little faith in humanity on most days. I see glimmers of hope here and there, but not as …

TV Bliss

Dear AMC, How do you know me so well? On the way home, my car asked to be washed; drizzly, misty days of late had turned it into a Dalmatian on wheels. As there was still daylight, and not wanting to spend the money at the hand wash up the street,…

10 Seconds

I heard a Los Angeles man interviewed on KNX earlier this evening. He had traveled to Boston for the marathon, and was remembering the moments after the first bomb went off.He was about to finish the race, arms extended for a photo finish, when an…

It’s the Little Things

Without fail, it seems whenever I’m really in need of some quality me time, couch time or down time, the programming gods deliver one of my favorite movies: Sleepless in Seattle, You’ve Got Mail, Dirty Dancing, The Shawshank Redemption, 300 or Whe…

Stretched out.

A few months back, I ordered a bridesmaid dress for a wedding in June (hi, Nicole!). In the store, I was pleasantly surprised that the sample dress in the same style — a smaller size than I thought I’d be ordering — actually fit. Score. Ordered,…

The Point of Hindsight

One of the reasons I dislike the news isn’t because I don’t like being informed — it’s because I have a low tolerance for, well, stupidity. It seems like every time I turn around, something else is being legislated, new rules are put in place, mo…