Respond and ignore.

Sometimes the best efforts go unreturned. Is it worth it to chase them?

Sometimes they intentionally turn us down.

Sometimes they think we feel a certain way, but the reason for their silence is all in their head — and it’s theirs alone.

Sometimes they think we’re totally in the know and they think we’re hearing their point of view. In reality, we are none the wiser and the unknown is held against us.

We are not always in the loop, even though others think we are. We are not always tuned in, and nor should we be. We have our own things going on, and our own lives to lead. For this I am thankful. Shouldn’t others be, too?

It stands to reason that others see our focus and dedication, and that our attention is on what matters most to us — often when it doesn’t include them. For those who stand true to the things that bolster us and not break us down, I am also thankful.

Some respond, while others ignore. Either is fine, both can be fitting. Only one is the most truthful.

Go with the most truthful.

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