Stretched out.

A few months back, I ordered a bridesmaid dress for a wedding in June (hi, Nicole!). In the store, I was pleasantly surprised that the sample dress in the same style — a smaller size than I thought I’d be ordering — actually fit.

Score. Ordered, done.

Fast forward to last weekend, and I put it on in anticipation of today’s fitting. I wanted to see exactly what might need to be done to it. I assumed a hemming was in order, at minimim — maybe it would need to be taken in under the arms, too.

OK, or not. There was a problem. A big, tight problem.

Long story short, and you might’ve guessed by the subject line of today’s post, my dress is a little snug. OK, a lot snug. But if I don’t breathe, I should be fine.

I am a whopping one pound different from when I ordered the dress, and it wasn’t about to zip up comfortably.

“Oh, the sample you tried on was stretched out then,” the store said. Well that’s awesome.

The good news is that the alterations gal said that I’m maybe 3-5 pounds off my mark, the mark being the dress that I need to shimmy into. No worries there, that’s an easy enough fix.

“Do you want to order the next size up?” one of the other girls asked.

Oh, heeeeeeeeeeell no. Come on, now — give a girl a little credit. Order the next size up and have it be roomy when I only have 3-5 lbs to go? No, thank you.

Today, after a week of stressing out, cutting out most bread products and wondering what sort of corset or extra panel they’d be able to add to the dress to help me out, I was pleasantly surprised to know that the dress is essentially a non-issue. With eight weeks to go, I know I can get the job done — and for that, I am thankful.


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