Settle down.

Someone recently told me about a movie they saw in which its 24-year-old lead character was in need of some life guidance. She felt lost, she felt like she didn’t have a purpose. The commentary surrounding this movie went something like this: “It was just a weird movie, because the character was 24. Aren’t you supposed to be […]

Strange Happenings

During last night’s four-miler, I swallowed a bug. I’ve heard of people doing this before — known them, even. Goldie Hawn’s character does it in Overboard and, at long last, it was my turn. I’m not sure what I swallowed, but it was equal parts lemony and minty. It was dainty and slight, but it […]

All We Can Do

They say there are two days you should never worry about: yesterday and tomorrow. I think they’re right, although you’d never know I believe it. I find myself worrying about things I can’t control. Some I can, yes, but the ones I can’t are the ones that keep me up at night…unnecessarily. You’d think I’d […]