Save the Best

It’s probably not a large number compared to what others have, but somewhere between Newark and LAX I decided to use my time wisely by deleting as many of my 1,700 pictures as possible. I guess you could call it a premature spring cleaning. The great thing about the iPhone, even though I took forever to warm up to it, […]

Here we go.

It’s that time of year again. With the beginning of December and all things festive comes the annual year-end trip to New York City. Le sigh. Each of my three employers over the last eight years has had a reason for such a trip. And while you’d think I’d enjoy the The Empire State around […]

Thunderheads and Waves

Flying eye-level to thunderheads and over a seemingly calm, sky blue ocean, I was reminded today of our impact — on situations, on the world and on each other. From the ground, the air feels humid. Still. Stuffy. Only when we’re above the clouds do we see how much of an impact they really can […]