Save the Best

It’s probably not a large number compared to what others have, but somewhere between Newark and LAX I decided to use my time wisely by deleting as many of my 1,700 pictures as possible. I guess you could call it a premature spring cleaning. The great thing about the iPhone, even though I took forever to warm up to it, […]


Hotel bar. Munchies. Wine. Ambience. All prior to an 8:30 dinner reservation at lovely restaurant mere steps from the hotel. Is this the best Tuesday night ever? I’m pretty sure it could be. Or, rather, it’s at least the best Tuesday night of September 2013. Har har. I’m a creature of habit, and a giant […]

The Marathon

You know that feeling where your stomach is in knots because of stress, worry or whatever? I’ve got it. Only the majority of my stress these days is behind me, and I am not plagued by worry. I simply feel worn out. Worn down. I can’t travel like I used to; I feel 86, not […]