Bouquet Garni

This morning as the rain fell and with coffee in hand, I enjoyed an episode of “French Food at Home” with Laura Calder.

She was making a beef-in-beer recipe, and formed a “bouquet garni” — essentially a bundle of herbs wrapped in leaves and tied with string. As she created the “garnished bouquet,” it was clear that the flavors would infuse themselves into the dish, adding a unique depth with more complexity than if only the beef and beer were simmering together. At the end of preparation, the bouquet garni would be removed and one would enjoy the prism of flavors and essences that the bundle had provided.

It’s a simple thought when thinking about the people in your life, as well. Some add such flavoring and abundance that it would be a shame to live life without them. But when stepping out on your own, or when forging your own path, you travel not alone — but also with the flavors that others have imparted upon you.

In keeping with that simple thought, today’s post is similarly short and sweet. This evening I find myself thankful those in my life who make up my bouquet garni. With their seasoning, I am far more rich than on my own.

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