The Test of Your Calling

It’s been said that the test of your calling isn’t how well you do on game day, but rather how well you do in your daily routine during the days leading up to it.

The gist?

Preparation and dedication matter.

All of the daily tasks, the paces we put ourselves through (sometimes gladly, other times not as much), the meditating, the wishing, the praying, the focusing, the sweating, the fretting — it’s all required, all necessary and it’s all worth it. Because there’s an end in sight. Someday you’ll reach it, and you’ll be proud to say you did it. All of it.

Who wants to be on their way to a goal only to come up a few feet short?

It’s only Monday, but my energy level feels like it’s at end-of-day Friday. I sneezed a few times earlier, which leads me to believe a cold is hot on my heels. Nothing sounded good for dinner (another sure sign), the house furnace is cranking and chills are visiting me every few minutes. I probably should be in bed, and actually made a beeline for it a while ago. But…really? Ditching the daily-blogging resolution after a mere 22 days? 

Nah. Couldn’t do it.

I remembered I hadn’t read my devotion for the day yet, and when I turned to its page before coming in to type out today’s post, this subject is what it was all about. Preparation. And what you do when nobody except yourself is watching.   

Tonight, I’m thankful for coming across this devotion when, quite simply, it would have been easy not to write anything this evening. It provided the helpful, guiding nudge that I needed to see another day through to completion. Here’s to tomorrow.

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