My Shining Friend

One of my best friends said to me tonight, “A star is brightest right before it burns out.”

Someone who’s on the verge of a life-altering career change, Friend was talking about the underlying current of energy that’s been felt as of late. Friend is close to moving across the country, and this is something that on one hand makes my heart leap for joy, while on the other hand, my heart is heavy.

I will miss my friend.

Friend’s current of energy has been missing for many months, and its return has clearly brought forth a set of viable options. One of my favorite sayings is that if something isn’t going your way, it’s because you’re not quite ready for it.

I like to think my friend was in this boat. Friend wanted to be ready, but the landscape of the world wasn’t yet correct.

For as hard as things have been on my friend, I believe that everything was meant to be — every bump, every ditch, every high and every low…every euphoric sensation, every ounce of exasperation, every bit of desperation, and every moment of elation has all been for this place in time where the tides have turned.

The world is ready, and the landscape is at Friend’s feet.

Tonight I am thankful for the good fortune that has come to visit my friend. I wish him the best, most personally rewarding and inspiring experience ever. My friend is more than worth it, and he has waited long enough.

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