The day of my 64th Thanky post, a.k.a. this last Monday, was also the start of a week full of new beginnings.

Yesterday, one of my best friends got a job offer (see “My Shining Friend” post from February 15). He’ll be moving across the country in just over two weeks. I will miss him dearly, but am thrilled for his opportunity.

Two days before his offer, I received my own. I’ll be starting a new job on Monday the 19th. Super excited doesn’t even begin to describe me.

Tomorrow, another of my best friends is coming into town. This weekend will bring wedding dress shopping. Nothing better than an amazing gown to celebrate the beginning of her new life with a new husband.

More comically, the drooping bra strap issue that I was obsessing over last month has been remedied — but the cups, if you will, are exactly the size of an NBA basketball cut in half. They’re huge. Stupid-huge. The whole contraption, when on, might as well double as a turtle-neck because it comes up so high. And so an additional new beginning involves yet another search — either for a better option for the girls, or for a really talented alterations place to, er, scale back the option that I have.

I look back on this week, which isn’t even over yet, and I’m amazed at the amount of change that’s happened in such a short amount of time. It made me wonder if this much change — or maybe even more — happens all the time (and maybe we’re just not tuned into it) or whether it comes and goes in waves.

I had no idea when I finished the 63rd post last Sunday night that the 64th would be the start of a week so great even I couldn’t have imagined it or written it into a story. But now that everything’s set in motion and the story’s presence made known, its evolution and culmination are yet to be seen.

Here’s to enjoying the ride — all of us. Tonight I am thankful for the adventure that accompanied 64.

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