Technical Difficulties

Posterous was down for a while earlier tonight, and for a few moments I started writing a Facebook note in the event Posterous doesn’t let me get my blog done by 12am. It’s not the most ideal situation, as Facebook’s formatting within their notes is icky, at best, so here’s hoping Posterous stays up and running till I’m down with clicking the “publish” button.

One of the things about leaving my current job is that my Blackberry is connected to the agency’s email system, but in the past few months (maybe more?) it’s adopted this newfangled security deal where I have to enter a password every time it’s been idle for a few moments. It’s frustrating, but whatever — no harm, no foul. The funny thing is that when the access to work email disappears from my Blackberry upon my leaving work tomorrow evening, the passcode feature — which was added to my device automatically per company guidelines — sticks around.



It got me thinking about things that you can download, add and remove — either in life, or on a mobile device.

Sometimes we make a conscious choice to add them, other times they add themselves. We may live when them for a while and enjoy them, and then we may decide to keep them around so that we can access them when the mood strikes. Other times we may tolerate them or realize fairly quickly that we’re annoyed by their presence, but there’s generally something we get out of them. Maybe it’s the realization that we like something we didn’t think we’d like, and therefore our lives are tuned into a new area.

Or if we’re annoyed at something, we’ve still managed to learn what to avoid in the future. Always a good lesson.

Either way, having the option to delete something on your own is a great thing. It’s a free country, and last time I checked, we’re supposed to make ourselves happy. So often, however, we’re not — because we haven’t bothered to take stock so we can see what needs cleaning up, or if we have, it might be difficult to get rid of.

Case in point with this weird password feature. So instead of being able to ixnay it myself, I have to go to the place where I got the phone, and/or call a customer service number, and have them reset something-or-other. (Clearly I’m really well-versed as to what’s going on with the phone, as well as my next steps.)


A few people I know are going through some things right now. I won’t call them tough times, but they’re just things that need to be sorted through. If it was as easy as going to the add/remove programs section on a computer, it would probably simplify things a lot. Since we can’t do this with life stuff, however, we therefore need to spend some time with the difficulty itself, and find a way to fix it, make it tolerable or identify a workaround.

Technical or not, truly a difficulty or not, and life-related or not, nothing lasts for ever — and this too shall pass, as they say.

Tonight I am thankful for the reminder that nothing is permanent and that anything can be fixed with some time, even though it may not be the first-choice solution you’d hoped for.

Keep the faith, people.

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