The Healing Power of a Band-Aid

Earlier today, I was talking to a friend who needed a little space. Not from me, but from someone else in her life. Without going into detail, the space was necessary because there were — figuratively speaking — some recent wounds that needed some attention. Without giving them the time they need to heal a bit, nothing except that fresh injury would continue to be present.

We decided to describe it as needing some Band-Aid time. Time to do your own thing, to let the passing moments be the very things that form a cover over the wound and then, in a few days, the bandage would be ready to come off.

So many times, we don’t allow ourselves to enjoy a Band-Aid. Sometimes others don’t, either. One person may take the space personally and try to squeeze their way back in before the other person is ready, while other times the person needing the space may decide to not give themselves the separation that’s so desperately needed to heal a situation — maybe they want to have the last word, or maybe they think they don’t need it anymore.

But one thing’s for sure: nobody ever worth being around is going to have an issue with you taking the time you need for yourself. And if they do, perhaps it’s time to reconsider their place in your life.

Band-Aid time is time that is meant to do a lot of good in the long run. Interestingly, the long run can go a couple of ways.

You may reflect back on the very thing that caused you injury and decide it was uber-minor in the grand scheme of things, and perspective may be restored. Both parties may come back together with a stronger bond, or with a better understanding of each other or a situation.

Or the Band-Aid time may be just enough to nudge you in a different direction — a direction that says maybe you’re better off without something or someone in your life.

One scenario is far more positive than the other, but either one is capable of doing a lot of good. If a permanent vacation occurs, you’ve still put yourself first, and that will always be a good thing.

Tonight I am thankful for my friend’s realization that Band-Aid time was necessary, and for our conversation that served as my own reminder that a little solitary confinement can be good for the soul. I am sure that when her Band-Aid is ready to be removed in a few days, the wound will be healed and all will be well with the world.

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