The Single [Hermit-y] Gal’s Saturday Night

As a follow up to the highly acclaimed “A Single Gal’s Receipt” post, allow me to share with you my stellar Saturday night.

First, let’s ease into things with a brief revisiting of my day. I didn’t get out of my jammies till 4pm which, for me, is always awesome. I was up late last night, and therefore slept in late. When I awoke, I did a load of laundry, cleaned up the place a tad, and then realized that When Harry Met Sally was going to be on (so of course I had to watch it).

After that, I cleaned some more, did another load of laundry and before I knew it, it was 4pm. Time to tackle the day — and not a moment too soon.

I showered, then felt compelled to clean the bathroom, as well, so I did so with towel on head. The awesome part about this ridiculous scene is that I realized my hair styles way better the longer it’s in a towel, so long as it’s not bone-dry once said towel comes off. Reading between the lines here, this means I had a great hair evening, and I paraded my coif through Michael’s, Starbucks and Walmart before coming home at the early-bird hour of 9pm.

At this time, I’d like to point out that had I not been the recent recipient of a bizarre batch of dates with a guy who liked to dress up like a pirate, I probably wouldn’t be so hermit-y.

But I was, so I am.

Michael’s was a pretty excellent excursion because, while I was in the shower, I felt compelled to try to make cake pops tonight. I had to buzz the cake decorating aisle for essentials like melting candies for the outer coating, lollipop sticks and a hunk of styrofoam to stick ’em all into. Thanks to their Easter displays, I also caved and had to purchase a few table decor items since I’m hosting on Easter Sunday. Plus, I can never ignore a cute display of cupcake pan liners. I bought mini and regular in fabulous colors.

After my $80 trip to the holy grail of arts and crafts stores, Starbucks was my stop for my pre-dinner appetizer. The dude who took my order had this amazing voice that oozed a sort of zen calmness. I told him he should go into radio — or maybe not, since people driving would likely be lulled to sleep by him. I snagged my iced coffee and headed over to the holy grail of cheap eats: Walmart.

I’ve started doing all my grocery shopping there because, interestingly (sadly?), their produce is way better than my neighborhood Vons and Ralphs, not to mention their bakery is hella-huge and uber-fresh. Divine.

I came home, fed the cat, lit a fire, turned on the 80s channel on DirecTV and whipped up a cake as step one to making the cake pops. Spent some time texting the BFF who arrived safely in NJ today after a five-day drive, decided to hop onboard the Draw Something bus and proceeded to engage in a few games with people around the country who I don’t know, all while realizing that I draw a terrible Dracula, and that sketching “ringtone” is more tricky than it might seem.

If this isn’t a single, hermit-y gal’s Saturday night, I don’t know what is. That aside, the past 12 hours have been pleasant, I’ve managed to stay on my diet all day (check back when I’m done making the cake pops) and my headache that I woke with is nowhere to be found. With rain and a little Nordstrom retail therapy in the near future, Sunday should be just as divine.

Tonight I am thankful for the lack of Mr. Pirate, for the good hair evening, for my spectacularly clean bathroom and for the time to experiment with the making of cake pops. Ridiculous, yes — but hey…it’s the little things that keep us going, oui?

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