Here I Go Again

(Totally going to have Whitesnake in my head the rest of the night, btw.)

I plopped down on the couch tonight with my tiny, personal lemon pie and got cozy as I prepared to read…

…wait for it…

…my new Nutrisystem resource guide.

Yep, I was closing one chapter and readying myself to start a new one by feasting on my last, delicious, doughy gem of lemony bliss.

I was on the program back in 2007 and it worked great. I just didn’t bother maintaining, so here I am.

Back in the fall of 2010, I would go for many an evening walk, get home and then immediately ice my knee. I used to do 6-8 mile walks back in the day, but doing just three miles was becoming problematic. Abnormally problematic.

Most of 2011, I’d get home from work and ice it — after not having walked at all in the evenings. I figured if just making my way around the office would aggravate the knee, why bother trying to exercise on it? So I didn’t.

Little did I know at the time that my meniscus was torn, hence all the issues. That, plus being an emotional eater made for a pesky increase in my waistline. Happy? Sweet, let’s grab some Del Taco. Irritated? Cool, Del Taco will fix that. Long week? Mmm, pie.

Or cake.

Or both.

On December 23 of last year, just over three months ago, I had my meniscus surgery. The healing process has been — and continues to be — a slow one, and one that still won’t let me do much by way of exercise.

It’s bad enough that I have to wear unsexy footwear for the most of the rest of my life (not that it was all that sexy to begin with), but skewing toward the plump end of the spectrum these days just adds insult to injury.

There’s also a date looming on the horizon…BFF’s wedding in July! And what’d I do? I did what “they” say to never do. I ordered a dress for the size I want to be — not the size I currently am.

Let’s recap: granny shoes + plumpery + intentionally-too-small dress = drastic measures.

And drastic measures = Nutrisystem to the rescue, once again.

My awesome plan is to whittle away at the ellbees fairly speedily on Nutrisystem, then maintain my new weight on Weight Watchers. Seems like a steep hill to climb, but then again, it’s the only hill I’m able to climb right now. I’ve got a bridesmaid dress staring me down every night I blog, and little ability to exercise.

Here goes! Fingers crossed.

So, farewell, tiny personal pies. You’ve been tasty and entirely too comforting, and now it’s time to put you aside to focus more on the waistline and less on the tastebuds.

Tonight I am thankful for new beginnings, and for what I already know will be a difficult first week on the program. It’s always the first week that’s the most rough, but once you scale that little hill, then when I work up the nerve to hop on my own scale, I know I’ll realize that the tough part’s behind me.

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