A Bundle of Thanks

Sometimes it’s the simplest of days that makes you the most thankful.

I’m thankful for my clean car, post-Harbor hand wash. I’ve seen people there inspect their cars thoroughly and make the employees do certain areas over again, questioning them angrily as they hurry to make their customer happy. It irritates me. Really, people? Maybe you should wash your car yourself next time. All I know is that mine was cleaner when I left there than it would’ve been had I given in to my body’s request to stay on the couch all day, so I was more than happy with it. I didn’t mind that some areas were still dripping, nor did I mind that some smudges were visible. They were the marks of an employee trying his best to get through a long line of cars as the hot sunshine beat down on him. I was grateful for his efforts.

I’m thankful for my pedicure, even though I’m not the biggest fan of the color I chose. The gal that I always see playfully chastised me the last time I was in, telling me that I needed to pick a color besides one of the 12 slightly different shades of dark red that I usually wear. Today, I brought her a bright, almost electric coral shade by OPI, and she was beaming. I doubt I’ll get the same color when I go in next time, but I don’t think I’ll be going back to my usual red, either. She got to see a new shade today, and I was encouraged to scoot out of my bubble a bit.

I’m thankful for the dude at the grocery store who was bagging my things — he noticed the checker rang up my zucchini instead as roma tomatoes, whereas I was focused on entering my customer number and sliding my card for payment. Even though the tomatoes would’ve been half the price as my zucchini, I was pleasantly surprised that someone cared enough to notice. Then to casually say something. Not in a nasty manner, not in a you’re-an-idiot manner. Just kindly. It gave me hope for our world.

I’m thankful for my Starbucks barista who took the time to encourage me to transfer my printed-out e-giftcard to a real one, who told me to register it and who basically did everything that I’m sure he was trained to do, but didn’t really have to do since nobody was watching. Seeing someone do what they know to be the right thing when eyes aren’t focused on them is one of the most pleasant, uplifting things ever.

I’m thankful for my little burst of energy tonight that fueled a bit of house cleaning, purse cleaning, dish washing, shoe organizing and laundry sorting.

My little bundle of thanks stems from the simplest of days, but at the end, the collection of gratitude makes a lovely bouquet.

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