Sometimes a List Can Help.

Things that are awesome about today:

Our office IT dude helped me ditch my work Android for a work Blackberry. Yep, that’s right. I’m a die-hard Blackberry fan. Who knew? I didn’t realize it until I accidentally emailed the whole world — thanks to a little user error on the ‘droid — last Friday. My bad.

Mother’s Day giftage ordered: score.

Primping gift and bridesmaid dress swatch-o-fabric en route to chickie BFF living in AZ: double-score.

Covert, unrequested gift ordered for dude BFF living cross-country: triple-score.

Pics from Snapfish (aside from the Blackberry, I’m also a die-hard Snapfish user) that I’ve been meaning to order since forever ago (+ a day) ordered: quadruple score.

Realizing I lost enough lbs in the past 4 weeks to allow myself to have a solidly poured glass o’ wine three days before weighing in: extra awesome.

Randomly copying and pasting a picture of bacon into the chat window as I “spoke” with someone at work, then laughing myself silly for hours afterwards: way rad.

Plan-dreaming (different than actually planning, since I don’t have vacation stored up at the new gig yet) a vacation to Greece, then one to London, then Iceland and then a pub tour of Ireland — all this evening: relaxing, not to mention exhilarating to think that I have many-a-vacay to look forward to.

Thinking that I’ve screwed up my bathroom sink flange (yep — look it up) because I poured a little bit of bleach in the sink overnight to rid it of a hard water stain, then realizing I hadn’t messed it up after all once I let some distilled white vinegar sit in said sink for a mere 15 minutes? Whew — I was able to stop looking on for new flanges. Woo!

Monday complete? Always a great thing.

Sometimes I collapse into my comfy corner of the couch at the end of a Monday and veg to The Golden Girls, merely content to have made it through another Monday — which is my least favorite day of the week, but which has nothing to do with the job I go to (however, just for the record, I currently love my job). I’m happy to have made it through the day unscathed, happy to be moving on to Tuesday.

But this evening, when I thought I had nothing good to write about, I realized I had a whole day full of good. A day full of gratitude. A day full of thanks. 

And that’s way, way better than good.

It’s awesome.

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