Right on Time

I read something earlier today that was a nice reminder of a truth I think we forget.

“Your journey has molded you for the greater good. It was exactly what it needed to be. Don’t think you’ve lost time. It took each and every situation you have encountered to bring you to the now. And now is right on time.”

Some days — the days when you can almost see the pieces of your life fitting together like a puzzle — this feels like a no-brainer statement. You realize that had you not gone through this test or that rough patch, you wouldn’t be where you are today. And you’re OK with that.

Other days it feels like you’ve taken a break from the puzzle and gotten up to get something to drink, maybe to eat, or maybe you’ve left the puzzle to watch a movie for a few hours. The puzzle is still sitting there, and no progress is being made on it — but it’s still there. Its presence is annoying because you know you want to complete it, but in the meantime, it just sits there and watches you get frustrated while simultaneously beckoning you to come back.

I guess the point is that those breaks are mandatory. Why? Because it’s life. Regardless of the duration of the breaks we take, or the catalyst behind them, breaks will exist.

I used to beat myself up pretty good over the breaks I’d take from projects, from keeping things moving forward. I still do, but I’m trying to do it to a far lesser degree. Why? Because during those breaks, there’s inevitably something to be learned.

Something that we didn’t know about ourselves.

Or something that we needed to uncover to help us get back on track.

Tonight I am thankful for the reminder that each of us has a unique path, and that path is our own. It’s not to be compared to others’, and it’s not to be deemed as less important, less worthy or less exciting. I believe that so long as we continue putting one foot in front of the other in our pursuit of whatever makes us happy and whatever we ultimately want to do or be in life — regardless of the speed of those steps — we’ll uncover great things along the way. And those great things should be cherished as much as the idea of getting to that end goal.

Because we get those great things when we’re in the now.

And now is right on time.

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