I’m always down to tackle a project, and since last week, I’ve been on a kick to re-do my office.

It’s been interesting so far. I know I don’t want to buy a desk, in large part because the size I want would probably break the bank. There’s also the, “What if I move?” question, and I’d like something less pricey so that I don’t have spendy-guilt if moving day ever comes.

I’ve decided to make my own, and I’ve settled on using hollow-core doors for my desktop…but now the problem is the support. The “legs,” if you will.

To go with a typical leg, or not? If leg, to buy a pre-made one, or make my own? If pre-made, would I paint it, or stain it?

I’ve looked at lumber that’s 4″x4″x12′ and decided I could get four pretty good legs outta that, but I need 8 total because of how big the desk will be. No worries, I’ll buy more wood. But get this: rumor has it Lowe’s can’t cut it because they don’t have the tools. Sheesh. Seriously? Who would’ve thought?

For non-leg support options, I’ve thought about filing cabinets (yawn), sawhorses (ew), short bookshelves, open-cube storage thingies, and I even walked through Ikea tonight on my way home.

I have no idea why I bothered. I despise Ikea. I felt like a rat in a maze, and just when I thought I was reaching the exit, I was led into a massive self-serve warehouse, but only after passing the stench of meatballs and hot dogs. I think I’ve been to Ikea fewer than five times in my life, and I’m not sure which was more aggravating: the first time because I was a newbie, or tonight because I’d willingly gone back inside. Once I got back to my car, there was a Hyundai SUV parked nose-to-nose with the Lex, and it was harboring a swarm of bees. They were all over the edge of the hood, and another mass was having a convention just inside the grill. Getting into my car, since they were all over the place, was terrifying but necessary.


Last week in my speed-Googling, I came across an amazing site that had wonderfully-priced short bookshelves that I decided would be great to support the doors. And today, try as I might to locate that same site again (I could’ve sworn I bookmarked it), I couldn’t.

Then tonight it hit me: this is a small problem. I don’t have the desk that I want yet, but I’ll get there. It’ll just take some time and a little more searching for the right pieces to my puzzle. People in this country, other countries, everywhere around the world — even kids in apartments and houses a block away, a mile away, a state away — don’t have proper places to study, to draw, to create. Some desks are rickety, some are small. Some are nonexistent, some have chipped paint or rusty metal. So my tales of being leg-less and good-desk-less are pretty silly.

Tonight I am thankful for the opportunity to be crafty with my furniture, to be creative with my constructing and for the plethora of resources we have available at what seems like all hours of the day. If there isn’t a store open, there’s a how-to video you can find online. And once you’ve exhausted the videos and before those stores open up again, we have our good friend, the Internet, which supports our online browsing and shopping habits. What a time we live in and how blessed we all. Here’s to being crafty.

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