Take a Chance

Yesterday I wrote about my first 90 days at the new gig, and about how terrific they’ve been.

But there’s one thing I neglected to mention: my time here has been so great – and, frankly, has simply “been” – because people took a chance on me.

I came into my current role knowing very little about the subject matter I’d soon be diving head-first into each day. It was daunting, but exciting.

Had it not been for the people who saw strengths in other areas and decided that everything else could be taught, I wouldn’t be here.

In fact, many of us wouldn’t be where we are if someone hadn’t taken a chance on us.

My mom used to tell my brother how fortunate he was for all the opportunities he was given during his days following flight school. People would give him odd jobs, both in the flying and non-flying arenas, but he was constantly learning 24/7. She would say to him, “Remember to give the person that one day comes tugging on your coattails the same opportunities that all those people gave you.”

She is so right. It’s a very pay-it-forward mentality.

Before my benefits meeting started yesterday, I was thumbing through a fun little book in our HR manager’s office. The book was called The Book of Answers, and it’s a delightful gem of comedy, wit and encouragement.

One of the silly little questions I asked it was, “Will I ever become a writer?”

“Take a Chance,” was printed on the page that I turned to.

Interesting. And so true.

Unless we try anything, we’ll never know. Unless we take a chance and break outside of the comfort zone which is often times filled with self-doubt and the fear of failure, we don’t know what we’re capable of.

Today I am thankful for my two instances of “take a chance,” and for the impact they had on an otherwise routine and relatively quiet day. I don’t quite believe that we’re all here by chance, as I think that we’re all part of a greater plan. But I do believe that in our lifetime, “chance” is one of the most beautiful forces and opportunities we all have.

At all times.

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