If You Don’t Have Enough Time

I’m not the biggest fan of reading, but I’ve started to do it a little more lately. One of the best things I’ve ever read is The Holstee Manifesto.

Among its lines is the ever-truthful, “If you don’t have enough time, stop watching TV.”

I did a lot of stuff around the house on Sunday before heading out to meet friends in the evening. During my laundry-time that morning, I had the TV set to Sex and the City reruns. Always a great way, in my opinon, to ease into the day.

After getting my fill of faux drama, I went outside to tackle some yard work and, as I always do, set the channel to the 80s station on DirecTV and cranked it up. Siouxsie and Cher crooned from my family room, and their sounds drifted out to the patio where I was working. Their tunes helped me keep pace.

A few hours later, I decided I had enough. I came back inside, watched a cooking show, then turned off the TV and came into the office to check email.

With nothing good in my inbox, I decided to kill some more time in front of the TV before showering for the evening’s festivities.

But when I turned it on, DirecTV wasn’t having it.

I was met with a black screen, paired only with the faint crackle of pseudo-static and a line of copy that requested I call extension 722 for ordering.

On every channel.



The Holstee Manifesto immediately came to mind, and as I remembered that I had a few ideas for my writing, as well as some valances to hang in the office, I was suddenly more irritated at myself for shirking the to-do list than I was at the TV for not working.

That was Sunday. And after getting home from my evening outing, the TV still wasn’t working. So I sat down and wrote.

Last night, I tackled some more of the garden.

Tonight, this non-reader did some reading of a large, hardcover landscaping book about privacy hedges. (Yep.)

I’d been meaning to do those things for a few weeks, but with the TV readily available, it’s amazing to look back and see how often I chose reruns over removing the weeds in the flowerbed.

Tonight I am thankful for my still-dead DirecTV and, even though assistance is on the way, am hopeful that I can keep the simplified life front and center in my thoughts once it’s back up and running.

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