The Peace in Accomplishment

There’s a funny quote that goes something like, “I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.”

Perhaps like many of us, I overthink and overthink and overthink (or just simply procrastinate, procrastinate, procrastinate) until the moment of truth has come:

To do, or not to do?

Tonight, I chose to do, and I did so with a deadline of tomorrow looming on the horizon, and with a full glass of wine to the left of my monitor.

And the deadline was met.

Tonight I finished a short story I’m entering into a contest. Nothing major, but its importance and all that the contest stands for isn’t lost on me.

It’s not about the contest, nor the prize — although the latter would be lovely. It’s about having a passion and, when met with a challenge that asks you whether or not you’ll “bring it,” it’s about whether or not you actually do.

And I did.

As with many nights of writing, the glass of wine was perched nearby should inspiration be necessary. Tonight, I somehow forgot about it completely and, when I finally remembered it was there, it was warm. (And it wasn’t a red wine. Thumbs down.)

The story was complete, and even though I’d been vigorously clicking away on the keyboard for the better part of three hours, the sauvignon blanc shimmering and dancing in my glass mere inches from my fingers, I tuned out the liquid encouragement.

No time for tasting when there’s a story to be written — or so it seemed.

Tonight I am thankful for completing the story, regardless of how well it does. I’m thankful for choosing to turn off the [once again up and running] DirecTV when all I wanted to was to veg in front of it and ease into the weekend slowly. I’m thankful that even after completing the story, there was time to spare for this blog, and overall I’m thankful that — for once — I feel like I had enough hours in today to do what I wanted to do.

Such is the peace in accomplishment.

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