What is it?

Interestingly, I found myself deep in thought about it after I caught myself doing it earlier.

Sometimes “it” is maddening, other times it’s liberating.

They say that when you do it, you’re most likely to find yourself.

It can happen to anyone. And anyone can make it happen.

It can make you lose track of time. It can also inspire you make the most of it.

It can spark a dream, a goal, a memory. It can inspire practically anything — from being more organized to trying out a new recipe. It can make you plant things, harvest things, and it can make you try your hand at something just because it crossed your mind and you figured, “Now’s the time.”

What is it?

Getting lost. Daydreaming.

It’s one of those great, inexpensive ways to take a mental vacation, if that’s the angle you’re after. Do it while you’re enjoying some air on the patio, or in that half-awake stage before you’ve actually gotten out of bed for the day. Do it with wine, or in the morning with coffee. Do it while listening to music, or not. Do it while dusting, vacuuming, doing laundry, doing dishes or taking out the trash.

Do it while driving (sparingly), do it while gardening. Do it while staring out at the ocean, while staring up at the stars, or while you’re on the train, bus or in a taxi.

In the accidental manner, getting lost can be aggravating and a big waste of time.

In the intentional way, getting lost can be rejuvenating and a good use of time.

Tonight I am thankful for the simple pleasure of daydreams. I’m thankful for the epiphanies they sometimes hold, for the motivation they often contain and for their gentle, quiet approach that can inspire a pursuit of greatness.

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