Sometimes, usually late in the evening hours, I’ll wander over to VH1 Classic and see what there is to see. For a while, it seemed I would always tune in when Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage was on, and every time I would sit and watch as though it was my first time seeing it. After that, I would often continue my couch-bonding if Metal Mania was on, or if there was an episode of That Metal Show.

Tonight, unenthused at the television’s offerings, I was about to turn it off when I once again strolled over to VH1C. To my delight, a wonderful concert was on, and I decided I’d be sitting still for a while longer to take it all in.

I should note that for the past few nights, I’ve been in a concert mood. I’ve come close to dusting off a Sarah Brightman DVD so that I could get my concert fix that way, but something about that route just didn’t seem as satisfactory as if I was in a Brightman-specific mood. No doubt about it: I needed some on-stage musical artistry, but not necessary hers. I couldn’t place what I was looking for though.

When I saw the title on the DirecTV guide, however, I knew I had found it.

I remembered seeing one of their concerts on TV during the late 80s, and it was life-changing for me. The spectacle of it all took my breath away, so I can’t imagine what it would’ve been like to be there in person. The lighting. The effects. The everything.

The backup singers, the impressively oversized drum set-up (cage?) of Gary Wallis which had elements that could only be reached if he jumped into the air to make contact with them, the laser lights and the guitar — oh, that guitar that is so David, so beautiful and both melancholy and melodic at the same time.

David Gilmour: Live in Gdansk is what I stumbled across tonight, and without fail — whenever I watch a show that’s full-Floyd or Gilmour-centric — I feel like I’ve just slept for a restful 8 hours, or had the most peaceful dream ever. Or both.

It probably doesn’t hurt that I [still] have a giant crush on him after 20+ years, either.

Tonight I am thankful for the many talents of David Gilmour, for the music of Pink Floyd and for their ability to transport me to an otherworldly place. No doubt, I’m sure I would feel their musical void if they never had been, likely constantly searching for something to move me more than the last song, artist or concert I experienced. There are some artists you take note of and whose talents you recognize, but there’s still that something missing which can’t you can’t quite put a finer on.

And then there are artists that fill that void, and then some.

Then some more, and then even more yet. And you know they’ll be with you forever.

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