At first.

I have eleven more to go.

I never thought I’d reach this day, although I hoped that I would. When I started out, it seemed like such a monumental task, but now it seems so…everyday.

At first, I was reminded on a daily basis by my Blackberry. Now, it’s second-nature.

At first, it seemed like a chore. Now I look forward to it.

At first, I had to much to say. After 189 posts, it gets a little more difficult. (You might’ve noticed.)

Yep, I’m eleven days away from blogging for 200 days straight. Some posts come more easily than others, while a number have — admittedly — been “throw-away” posts. (Interestingly, the throw-away ones often get the most comments. Strange to me.)

189 days ago, I was fresh out of knee surgery.

189 days ago, I was mourning the loss of Christmas.

189 days ago, I wondered how I’d reach day 30.

Now I look forward to the next day of writing, the next day of discipline, the next day of wondering what I’ll write about, the next day that’s nothing more than a blank slate.

Tonight I am thankful for tomorrows, for putting one foot in front of the other and for making it further than I ever thought I would. I wasn’t sure when I’d succumb to the allure of laziness, but I’m glad it hasn’t happened yet.

(Perhaps on day 367 — being that this is a leap year and all.)

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