Earlier, I met a former client of mine for dinner at L’Opera in Long Beach. It was my first time at the restaurant, and it was a great evening overall. There was no traffic up PCH from Huntington Beach, the weather couldn’t have been more beautiful, and it seemed everyone was outside taking advantage of it. Yoga-ers were posing on the grass under a large tree mere feet from the ocean, the setting sun sparkled off the high-rise buildings and created a sea of amber gem-like reflections and a warm breeze was coming in off the ocean.

Along Ocean Boulevard, nobody was in a hurry or impatient, so nobody was honking. Parking was easy to find. My entree was phenomenal, and I — frankly — would like to go back and repeat it again tomorrow.

After dinner, I decided to head down PCH to make my way home versus taking a speedier route. There was still the slightest bit of light in the sky, and it was my favorite time of day: dusk.

People flitted about 2nd Street in Belmont Shore the way the June Bugs were beginning to do up near the glow from the street lights and bright restaurant signs.

Bicyclists were out in droves.

It looked more like a Thursday or Friday instead of a Tuesday. Shops were bustling, and business looked like it was doing well.

As I took in the sights, my eyes caught part of a billboard and all I was able to read was, “Thank Good for Good.”

I knew it wasn’t the full billboard itself, but even the abbreviated, partial headline made sense to me.

Good creates more good.

Positivity fosters positivity.

Smiles bring about more smiles.

Elation can generate elation.

And at the end of the day, the more good we put out, the more good we get back. The more good we try to see, the more that seeing good comes naturally.

Thus, tonight I am thankful for ‘good.’

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