This is my 200th consecutive day of blogging.


Two hundred days ago it was a new year. Change seemed to be on the horizon, and sure enough, change came.

The new year brought a new engagement. Two, in fact. My best friend began planning her wedding that’s coming up next week, and my brother also recently became engaged.

(Tangent: whenever I hear the word “engage,” including any form of said word, I think of Top Gun. “Maverick’s re-engaging, sir!”)

The new year brought a new knee, a new job and, as a result of the latter, a new outlook – a new lease on life, if you will.

It brought new landscaping in the backyard, new projects for the casa and recipes that have become new favorites after being plucked from Food Network and Cooking Channel.

It brought new changes in my grandparents, new challenges for my parents in dealing with my grandparents, and a new, semi-in-progress addition at my parents’ home in which to house my grandparents.

It brought a few new hobbies, a few new ideas of places to travel to, and a few resolutions for the new year – most of which I’ve slacked off on.

Except for this one.

Sometimes there’s no way to tell what a year will bring.

Other times, if you say you want to do something every day for a year and you find time to do it, you know exactly what it will bring.

I may not know what I’ll write about each day, but the one thing I do know is that the feeling that comes with writing – with letting my fingers fly across the keyboard, with writing about whatever I feel like without much concern anymore for how it may be perceived – is a feeling I never really new until I just did it.

One day became the day, and all the others fell into place.

Today I am thankful for two hundred days of wonderful, and for all the comments I’ve gotten along the way. Thank you for reading, and here’s to many more.

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