Another Shame

Yesterday I wrote about the perceived shame associated with being a flip-phone carrying member of society. But I also mentioned that for as much as my phone isn’t able to do, it gives that much back to me in terms of feeling like I’m not attached at the hip to technology.

Ironically, ever since this site that I blog from — Posterous — has been plagued by site/server/database/whathaveyou issues which began more than 24 hours ago, I’ve been practically foaming at the mouth with anticipation of the site being back up again.

The fact that I’m using it to [hopefully successfully] blog at this very moment makes me happy. I hope the window of opportunity stays open long enough for me to make my way through, and doesn’t come slamming down on a finger or limb in the process.

I realized last night, while I was frantically trying to figure out how to meet my self-imposed deadline of posting by midnight, how un-free I really am. The flip-phone may free me from being engrossed in it while waiting for a coffee, getting a pedicure or just generally being part of humanity, but when it comes to blogging, I’m a sucker for technology.

Clarification: Technology that works is ideal.

Had it not been for my work-issued Blackberry saving me last night and providing an alternate means of getting my daily post in (big kudos to Facebook for working properly and allowing me to write a “Note” to get my blog done), I think I probably would’ve been a big puddle of worthlessness today. I’d have been mourning the lost of a 200+ day writing streak, and instead been reveling in mascara streaking down my face thanks to rivers of tears.

OK, perhaps a bit dramatic.

Instead, the streak continued, and today I did all my laundry. I cleaned. I cooked. Then I cleaned up after cooking. I watered the yard. I organized my closet and put clothing in a bag for Goodwill, thanks also in part to watching a mortifying episode of Hoarders. If I’d blown my deadline last night and not had an alternate means of posting, I would, frankly, feel terrible.

So for as much as I prefer books and magazines over e-readers, for as much as I scoff at Smartphones (in large part due to my being inept at using one) and for as often as I think that Facebook is truly the devil in digital form, last night it saved me. And for that I am thankful.

It’s a shame I didn’t realize how fortunate I am to have multiple blogging avenues available in order to keep a personal goal alive, but better late than never when it comes to seeing the benefit of technology.

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