Feeling the Intangible

Have you ever felt the intangible?

I have. And each time I’ve experienced it, I can tell you exactly where it starts. It starts in my chest.

It sometimes leads to shortness of breath, and sometimes it leads to a lump in the throat.

Sometimes it manifests itself in goose bumps, other times it’s something that makes your eyes well up with tears.

Sometimes it’ll make you feel as though there’s a weight on your chest, and other times it’ll make your head tingle – like something or someone is standing right behind you and lightly touching a feather to the back of your head, slowly moving it from one ear to the other. A few intangible things that I’ve felt include pride, sorrow, jealousy, regret, hope, emptiness, joy, appreciation and honor.

Today I experienced it with love.

Seeing my best friend and her husband marry was one of the best things I’ve seen in a long time. And when a guest at their reception requested Adele’s “One and Only” for the new bride and groom, my eyes teared up at the line, “God only know why it’s taken me so long to let my doubts go.”

They teared up because theirs was a beautiful union that happened because the past had been put aside, and because the future is all that mattered.

And sometimes, for as many lessons as the past can teach us, all we really deserve to do is move forward and let go of all that has happened before, any doubts that might still be there and vow to live a life together, but as one.

Tonight I am thankful for feeling their love, and to them for making the intangible tangible once again. Huge congrats and much love to them both.

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