More Yes.

Over lunch today, I was speaking with a friend about the power of yes.

It goes without saying that we all probably prefer our bubble, our routine. It’s comfortable, it’s easy, and it’s not unlike a familiar t-shirt or pair of jeans that have stood the test of time; it practically defines us.

But sometimes our definition needs tweaking. Whereas a dictionary is fairly set in stone, we are not. We’re malleable, and when we want to be something else, we fortunately have the ability to adjust our course and set off in a new direction.

The power of yes means that — if we’re open to going, doing, seeing, experiencing and simply being — we can place ourselves in the path of things, people and settings that can be life altering.

Yes means ditching the comfy PJs and couch on a Friday evening and going out.

Yes means hopping in the car to endure LA traffic in exchange for good times with friends.

Yes means being open to the influences of a new environment, a new person or a new chapter in life, all the while still aware of the fact that we can always fall back on “no” if we need to once again adjust our courses.

I realized that my “yes” instances are more linked to classes, solo experiences and personal achievements than anything else, so thanks to today’s conversation, I will try to expand my bubble-for-one and say yes to known invitations, which can lead to so much that’s unknown…for in the unknown lives adventure.

Tonight I am thankful for an eye-opening lunchtime chat and the realization that although it’s one of the shorter words in the English language, “yes” has the power to quickly turn a perhaps life-long routine on its head — and to expand a bubble exponentially.

Here’s to more yes.

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