The Magic Account

I don’t know how it happened, but it did.

It was almost like magic, with perhaps a dash of time travel thrown in for good measure.

The same way you fall asleep some nights and wake up what feels like seconds later with the alarm clock going off is what’s going on here.

It’s like starting summer vacation, then immediately having someone tap you on the shoulder to tell you to get ready for the first day of the next school year.

What is it? It’s August.

How did it get to be August 8th?

Wasn’t it Easter just yesterday? And Christmas the day before that? In fact, last summer was last month.

…wasn’t it?

Sometimes it seems no matter how hard I try to slow down and savor each day, they speed by more quickly. And when I want time to pass so I can get to my next big thing, time drags on. But mostly I’m continually amazed at how the years pass without regard for our wishes to linger during the good times, during the special times, or just during the times that I know I’ll want to remember in my later years when my memories are fuzzy and when loved ones aren’t around to remind me.

Even before I wish to draw on them, I find sometimes that I wish I could stockpile my memories and save them up in a bank. I could take them out and have each minute, each laugh, each detail from a conversation and each smell come back instantly.

But we can’t literally do this, so in the meantime we need to bring the memories to life in something that can be a vehicle for years to come.

A song. A recipe. A weekend trip, a photo album or a painting.

Even a blog post.

Why? They’re the various accounts that we’ll draw from in years to come to bring it all back, because time will continue passing quickly, and we’ll continue to be amazed at its speed.

Tonight I am thankful for another reminder that time passes too quickly, but also for the little magical savings accounts that we can utilize all through life to keep them safely tucked away, until we wish to walk down that particular road and dust the memories off again.

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