Never Say Never

I don’t have decades of knowledge or experiences under my belt yet — only three and a half, to be exact. But there are things that I do know.

When I said I’d never eat liver and onions, only half of that statement ultimately came true. I now adore an onion — caramelized, preferably.

When I thought at 20 that I’d be married by 30, I realized at 28 that a wedding was pretty far off. And I was pretty OK with that.

When I said that I’d never fall victim to the infamous slowing-down of the ol’ metabolism that was rumored to plague my 30s, I scoffed and said that would never be the case. Oh, such foolishness.

When I said I’d never quit a job without having another one lined up, I found out one day in 2006 that I was wrong. And it was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself, for my spirit and for my life.

When I think I can’t live without X, Y or Z, I realize how fortunate I am to have A, B and C. Instantly things are put back into perspective.

Tonight during my pedicure, I overheard two teen girls chatting about boys, school, clothes and friends. “I would never” this, and “I would never” that peppered their conversation. I smiled.

I’ve thought a lot of things, I’ve hoped for a lot of things, and some have come true while others haven’t. But one thing I know is to never say never.

About anything.

Tonight I am thankful for overhearing a conversation which reminded me to keep the faith, to keep an open mind and to always be ready for any mention of ‘never’ to turn into a possibility.

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