That was easy.

I took a field trip to Staples today during lunch. Needing a few items for the home office, I looked things up online, made sure they were in-stock and, even though I assumed I’d get there and they’d somehow manage to be out of everything I wanted, I ended up leaving with the things I set out for. It really was easy.

The home office has become quite an interesting project. It’s not simply one that involves rearranging furniture and finding a new look. No, it goes beyond that for me. It’s something that, when complete, will give me a new outlook, a new perspective and new inspiration. It will provide new energy, peace, productivity and focus. Instead of passing by it because I’m not a fan of the workspace, I have a sneaking suspicion that I’ll be drawn in each time I walk down the hall.

Since putting them up not too long ago, I haven’t been happy with the valances that I put up in there. The new ones went up yesterday and I clapped to myself in the middle of an empty room. I might’ve even done a little hop — I can’t be sure since I was drunk with joy and my recollection is therefore fuzzy, at best. Knowing, however, that I’ll need to go through the papers and clutter that I hauled out of the office and into the guest room makes me want to stick my head in the sand and avoid it as long as possible, but once I get through that mountain of tediousness, I’m sure I’ll clap once more.

I took the table apart that I’d been using as my desk, and I have to say that there’s nothing as satisfying as busting out a few tools to remove the legs so that I can eventually get it out of the room. I broke a sweat, I contorted my body into weird positions to be able to unscrew them and, when I was done, I wanted to find something else to take apart.

The pale wood makeshift desk will give way to a warm, richly-colored set-up I’ve decided to make. I spent a bit of the weekend at home painting it, and the color couldn’t be more me: “Spiced Wine.” It’s lovely. Ultimately I will top it with glass for an uber-sleek look, but even without, its simple, clean lines are already a huge improvement.

Tonight when I get home, I will put together my ergonomic chair (exciting for sure, especially if you’re my back), hook up my new printer (confession: I haven’t had one hooked up to my computer at home for about 7 years) and connect my new monitor. All three I’ve needed for an eternity, so tonight I shall be in heaven.

This afternoon, I am thankful for a great day back from work after a relaxing weekend, a productive lunch hour filled with helpful Staples employees, and for busting out my daily blog post to make for an even more productive evening. If this isn’t the start of tremendous efficiency, I don’t know what is. Viva office! 

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