Hi, Brow

All day long, a muscle just above my left eye has been twitching.

Remember Disney’s adorable little rabbit, Thumper? Feels like I have a miniature version of that little ball of fur burrowed under my brow bone.

I was convinced that everyone I talked to was able to see it. I imagined them wondering what my deal was…well, I think they do that normally. But I imagined them thinking I was getting agitated or, worse, maybe that I was getting the urge to wink at them.

Really, who winks anymore? And why is it that whenever you rush to look in a mirror to see a twitching muscle in action, it always seems to get stage fright and freezes?

I figured it was just worn out from my steady string of nights plagued by broken, fitful sleep, or perhaps it thought I did a poor job at shading my brow bone during this morning’s makeup routine and was asking for more shadow.

Regardless, it kept its antics up all day, even making me trip up here and there on a conference call. A conference call, man. Such nerve.

Finally, though, it seems to have calmed down. What did the trick? It might’ve been tonight’s Nadia G episodes. Perhaps it was a glass of Leoness Cellars’ Melange de Rêves. Either way, I’m not complaining. The twitch has quieted down, and my tastebuds are now the ones getting excited.

Tonight I am thankful for a calming prescription guaranteed to do the trick, for a day that allowed for recovery from yesterday’s migraine and for an evening of rest. My brow muscle seems to have caught on quite nicely.


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