Upside Down

I was watching a show on TV earlier and the host was talking to someone whose business he was going to help. He said that he was going to flip the owner’s world upside down.

The owner had been doing things wrong and, although her business was failing, she didn’t dig deep to find out how to fix those things. Seems like the way we sometimes live our lives, yes?

We may do things over and over, hoping for a different outcome. They say this is the definition of insanity. Depending on the circumstance, however, it may also be the definition of a hopeless romantic. Or someone with some emotional scars who is afraid to do things differently. Or the definition of a die-hard believer with faith even through the most difficult situations.

The thing about having your world turned upside down, however, is that it may just be the thing you make you feel like you’re finally right side up. Sometimes we don’t realize the rut that we’re in and, while we may go kicking and screaming when change knocks on our door, sometimes it’s the thing we need to right our world and the wrongs we may not know we’re perpetuating.

Tonight I am thankful for the idea of being upside down, and for the notion it brings of if and when change comes, it may very well be because I wasn’t able to make myself right side up on my own.

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