Bountiful blessings.

Confession: I made a gin and tonic when I got home, and my dinner was a spoonful of frosting. OK, two spoonfuls. And 1/3 of a cup of leftover Spanish Rice-a-Roni.
It’ll never go down as one of my finer meals, and I can’t decide if it would’ve been better or worse to eat at Del Taco [again]. But in terms of pure enjoyment? Through the roof. From Morton’s to mediocre leftovers, I have a fairly broad spectrum when it comes to a collection of vittles that I can enjoy.

Tonight’s alternatives were many. Turkey tacos. Veggie tacos. Chicken, stir-fry, cranberry-almond quinoa or curried lentils with shallots. Most options put my spoonfuls of frosting to shame, but it required no more prep than merely removing the lid — plus was far more entertaining. Paired with a cocktail, the entertainment value skyrockets.

More entertainment came in the form of Chopped on Food Network, and wedding shows that showcase entirely too much food at during cocktail hours that could double as a Vegas buffet. Bleh.

I’ve mentioned it before in this blog, but it feels like a good night to revisit things again: it often depresses me how much food we have in this country and how it’s entertainment for us — when many here in the US go without, not to mention millions more around the world. Don’t get me wrong — my idea of watching a good drama on TV is seeing whether an Iron Chef challenger can deliver five courses in 60 minutes. And my idea of a tear-jerker is a cooking show filled with onions o’plenty.

Entertainment and mountains of food aside — and global haves, have-nots and needs aside, tonight I am thankful for never knowing want when it comes to food. I am thankful that food can not only be nourishment but also a go-to for celebrations and entertainment, a time-filler, a time-waster, something we mark on our calendars, plan shopping lists around and look forward to when the holiday season begins. How fortunate and blessed we all are.

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