“Impressive” is a funny word.

It’s a word that can sometimes imply a sense of grandeur, a sense of wealth or a sense of awe.

It can bring to mind monuments of great size, natural wonders that dot the landscape and man-made structures that defy gravity.

It conjures up great moments in sports, death-defying stunts and immense beauty.

It can be used when we’ve underestimated people, when they’ve redeemed themselves or simply when the right thing was done.

Impressive is lesser known for its use regarding everyday acts. Impressive is the person who goes to the job that they hate because they have bills, or a family. Or both.

Impressive is the person who has seen the hurtful side of “love,” then takes one more chance and finds out how true and pure it can be.

Impressive is the person who thinks they can in the face of negativity, or simply despite no positive reinforcement of any kind.

“Impressive” does not take sides, even though we don’t always realize it. Impressive is inclusive of all, can be encouraging to many and can inspire confidence when bestowed upon someone who needs a boost.

What — or who — is impressive to you?

Tonight I am thankful for the little things that add up to greatness, and for the people who inspire on a daily basis without even realizing it. Impressive is all around.

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