Has anyone seen an orange clog?

Raising the bar.

The wow factor.

There are a lot of ways to say that something has demonstrated or possesses an element that elevates it head and shoulders over something else. And it’s always refreshing to hear a new way of saying something.

I came across a site recently that contained some hysterical warnings about idiotic idioms. All mentions of an orange clog were, of course, missing.

This evening on Iron Chef America, one of Mario Batali’s dishes had such a unique element that someone referred to it as “the orange clog.” If you know Batali, you know his penchant for said footwear. He and that horrendous shoe are synonymous, they are attached at the hip but — for better or for worse — they are, undoubtedly, unique.

The orange clog that one of the judges referenced identified something in that particular course that was Batali-esque. Something that someone else would be hard-pressed to replicate. Something that was a hallmark of his craft, even if that hallmark had never seen the light of day before; its creation and its existence, however, all pointed towards one man, and one man only: Mario.

Tonight I am thankful for the unique personalities that surround us and add a splash of color to an otherwise routine — yet perhaps peaceful — journey that many of us find ourselves living out. While striving to make something a cut above, or ensuring that it has a certain wow factor, maybe we can also remember to bring a uniqueness to it, as well.

Our uniqueness.

Something that says “I was here,” and in such a way that nobody can deny it.

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