The Right Note

I woke up an hour before my alarm went off this morning and, despite my sans-alarm start to the day, there was still a startling element as I came to and started to focus:

The Bee Gees’ “I Just Want to be Your Everything” was stuck in my head. I have no idea why.

I don’t even like the Bee Gees. I mean, I might’ve enjoyed a song here or there — most likely on a Saturday night during my post-university 20s while getting ready to go out, but they’re not really in my musical repertoire these days.

In college, I needed to satisfy a stray final credit or two, and an easy way to check those off the needed-for-graduation list was to take a music appreciation class.

The instructor was a riot. He was in his late 50s, lean with a sleek comb-over and a polyester-centric wardrobe with quirky, retro glasses to match most every outfit. Each time he wanted to teach us something, he’d excitedly scoot his boom box to the center of the room, place it upon a wobbly desk and press play.

The Bee Gees would always be his go-to band for teaching. Our instructor would close his eyes, start snapping his fingers and begin conducting a band-less room. It felt like disco was but a few shuffles away. We’d stare in awe of the spectacle in front of us and, when the music died down, he’d open his eyes and say, “Now THAT is a perfect example of what I’m trying to explain.”

I used to imagine a Bee Gees support group, and that he was its neediest, most fragile member. But, desperate to get back into the rhythm of society, he convinced them (whoever “they” were) that he was cured, and then conned the fine faculty at Michigan State University into believing that he was the perfect candidate to teach music appreciation to a steady stream of pliable minds. In reality, it was all a front for him to embrace his BeeGeeness in broad daylight. And that he did.

Again…I imagined that was the case. Absolutely not trying to hate on the Bee Gees, nor disrespect any support groups which may exist.

With that song stuck in my head, it was a little annoying during my morning primping routine and even during my drive. During breaks in between [non-Bee Gee] songs, it would pop into my head again.

I got to work and figured the band would work their way out of my head, but no dice. Even after firing up Pandora, I could still hear them.

Long about 2 or 3, they’d moved on. I felt badly for the next person whose brain they would manage to commandeer, but they’ll get over it.

Repeating Bee Gees song aside, I realized what an upbeat mood I was in all morning long. You might think that listening to dudes’ high-pitched crooning would be aggravating, but the peppy melody made sure the effect was anything but frustrating. So tonight I am thankful for starting off the day off on what ended up being just the right note to sustain me through the day.

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