Fire in the Air

Odd day.

It began and ended with fire in the air.

I went outside briefly during the late morning hours and, despite the clear blue sky, I could smell a fire somewhere. I wasn’t sure if it was a structure fire nearby or if it was something a bit more distant that had been fueled by the Santa Anas, but there was a distinct smell of smoke.

Over the course of the afternoon, my head felt like it was going to explode. I don’t know if it was the wind, the pressure, the light, or all of the above which amounted to gnarly — but still very beautiful — weather. My head is finicky, and today wasn’t making it happy.

I napped. I woke up and felt worse. I napped again. By that time is was 4.

Seriously? What a way to spend a Sunday.

Laundry was about all I could bring myself to do this evening, and as the night began to wind down, I found myself marveling at another fire in the sky: the Disneyland fireworks a few miles away, and I was thankful for today’s end that they ushered in, and for their promise of a new, hopefully less odd day tomorrow.



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