Welcome back, holidays

It’s official: I started my Christmas shopping.

While sparkly green, red, silver and gold decor has been disturbingly visible in stores since before Halloween, I’ve been hesitant to fully embrace the holiday that I love the most until the day after Thanksgiving. The problem with following through on this, for me at least, came when I saw a great deal pop up in my Facebook newsfeed.

Like, a deal-so-good-it-must-be-incorrect deal.

And a deal-so-good-it-won’t-last-for-long deal — assuming the price was accurate.

I scoured reviews on this particular item before I bought it to make sure it wasn’t selling like mad just because of its price point. It was, in fact, highly rated due to its functionality, design and overall beauty.


And sold…times four.

I’d like to think it’ll end up being one of the better gifts I’ve ever given, being that it has a couple of uses instead of just the one that its packaging may first showcase. I’ve made biscotti for gifts for more than a decade, and while those are one of my tastiest offerings, my latest purchase could just end up being one of the top inedible items.

The time spent reviewing and snagging my first batch of Christmas gifts took a fraction of the time it would’ve taken me to get in the car and drive one mile — if even that far. And while I have slight guilt about starting my shopping early (for me), I’m thinking that keeping my marbles intact by continuing to conduct my shopping shenanigans online will be priceless.

Tonight I am thankful for online shopping which is sure to keep me clearheaded, and for technology that allows me to keep the merriest part of the season alive in peace. Others can keep the hustle and bustle, the angry lines and the parking lot feuds. If you need an ounce of sanity, I’ll be here in Anaheim with a holiday cocktail, my cat, the man-made smell of pine and cranberries and my faux tree all aglow.

Oh, holidays — how I’ve missed you.

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