Goodness and Light

There isn’t much about Christmas that I don’t love. Well, maybe just one thing. One thing which is actually multiple things: throngs of insane shoppers.

I can handle a crowd just fine. After all, The Happiest Place on Earth is just around the corner from here, I’ve braved jam-packed beaches on California summer days, traversed the streets of LA surrounded by a buh-jillion other drivers and I’ve been to my share of concerts. But when the madness sets in and my fellow man’s people skills and common courtesies falter, it takes away from the season a tad.

I’ve been tuned into 24/7 Christmas songs since before the week before Thanksgiving, however, and they always provide a nice recharging opportunity and reminder of the season’s true meaning. Rough day? Listen to Christmas music. Run over by a shopping cart while you were out? Listen to Christmas music. Feeling down? Listen to Christmas music. Headache? Listen to Christmas music. OK, so it hasn’t done much for my days-long noggin pain yet, but I’m sure the pounding will ease up one of these hours.

Today the casa saw something it hasn’t seen in years. Christmas lights. And I’m talking the old-school, large bulbs (C9 sized, to be exact), all in white…well, clear. The house looks like it’s right out of Disneyland’s Main Street, trimmed in beautiful glass bulbs and radiating warmth.

People may try our patience during the holidays, but for me the important part is remembering the joy given off by the little things. A holiday-scented candle, a Christmas tree lit up and saying hello to the outside world from its place in the front window, the smell of sweets and assorted goodness baking, and white lights enveloping the house in a happy glow.

Tonight I am thankful for the spirit of the season, to my rad parents whose expertise in Christmas lights paid off big time today, and for the joys found in the common and the simple. As the lyrics go, yes, He will bring us goodness and light, but it is also all around us in a multitude of shapes and sizes. How lucky and blessed we are.

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