One of a Kind

I sometimes find it amazing that our world is plagued by copycats, imitators, version 2.0s, 3.0s, redesigns and all-new these or those, when in reality the best thing ever is that which can never be copied:


It feels like we forget how unique we are; it feels like we forget what we can be capable of if we’d only give it a shot. People we admire didn’t get to where they are through complacency – they got there because they thought they’d try.

But here we are, day after day taking a page out of someone else’s book and copying the passive, copying the procrastination, copying the lazy. And the more we don’t do, the more we’re all alike.

“Try” is one of the shortest words, but it can also be the most intimidating. It means we’ve willingly opened ourselves up to criticism, speculation, to being judged and scrutinized. But at least we’d be doing something – something unique to us. Not sitting by doing nothing, like so many others.

Tonight I am thankful for the reminder that in a world full of new this, sparkly that and coveted things everywhere, the best, most unique, most ground-breaking and world-changing things are inside us all.

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