Dear Me.

Sometimes I get a little frustrated with you — not because I’m genuinely irritated or anything, but because I know you can do better than the effort you occasionally put out.

On days when nothing fills your evenings and you come home, grateful to unwind and relax for a couple of hours, I occasionally wonder why you’re not doing more. If you say you have all these things that you want to do, what better time than the present? Get up. Move. Do something. And by the way, sitting doesn’t count as “something,” in this case.

There are days when I think your talent is wasted on posts that you write just to get them done in time, but then I remember that regardless of the content, the habit stuck and dedication is nothing to be laughed at. I’ll try harder to be easier on you…sometimes.

And you know those times when you’re falling asleep at night or you’re partially awake in the morning and you have an idea for a story? Start writing them down. You know you always mean to, and seriously…you went to the trouble almost a year ago of buying little notebooks for that very purpose — notebooks with “Think, Write, Create” on the cover — so do it already. You’ve got the thinking part down, now you just need to write down what you’re thinking. Then go create it.

Y’all, these are the things I wrestle with on a daily basis. Yes, this is a letter to me. No, I didn’t need to write it down and put pen to paper/fingers to keyboard since it’s all [clearly] relatively top of mind. But sometimes I can’t help but wonder — what’s our deal?

We live in a world of doers, of inventors, of creators. And while “dreamers,” “planners” and “wishers” aren’t bad words on their own, they imply inaction — and “inaction” is the dirty word here.

Tonight I am thankful for the start of a new year and for the dreams, plans and wishes I’d like to see come to fruition. I’ve been in awe of doers, inventors and creators for a long time, and I can only hope that this year might be the one that I can join them.

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