Taking Flight

Many a bird, duck and what have you are taking flight as of late. The southland skies are their highway, and they maneuver it gracefully.

Last week, I saw close to 100 backlit by the morning sun. Today, a more nimble gathering of 20 was framed against the ocean; from my view on the 15th floor, it looked as though they were just skimming the top of the water.

The lead bird apparently changes and shares the burden with the others, and the V formation is for good reason, too. It helps the birds stay rested by decreasing wind drag…sort of like NASCAR in the sky, with all that drafting.

Seems like there’s no distance we can’t cover so long as we’re in it together, and when we realize we need help. Those in our lives are there to give support, relief and to step in when our wings tire. If we allow them.

Tonight I am thankful for the lessons that come from above, and which remind us that we can limit our own distance, or grow it exponentially with the help of others.

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