I’m easy.

Wanna get married? You don’t have to buy me a ring. I don’t need a fancy wedding, either.

I was listening to a morning radio duo on my way to work, and they were talking about whether the ring “matters.” I understand that it does for many people, and I understand it without judgment. But the guy was making the point that the woman should love and say yes to the man, not the ring.

The woman was saying that the ring should be something that she’s proud to show off to her friends.

When they opened up the phone lines to take some callers’ opinions, a gal ended up telling them that when her now-husband proposed years ago, he presented her with a “gold band that had a sprinkle” while they were out at a restaurant.

“A sprinkle?” the duo asked. “What’s a sprinkle?”

The caller explained that it was the tiniest chip-of-a-diamond imaginable, then said, “Literally, we got up out of our booth, left the restaurant and went to return it right then and there. I wanted diamonds and platinum!”

Really? Right, because your attitude is clearly deserving of such a thing.

At this point, I am ready to go ring-less and elope. For real.

And for the record, I side with the guy in this case. I don’t know that I’ve ever had a mental picture of my dream wedding, my dream dress, my dream ring, nothing. I’ve never been able to wrap my head around the expectation that if I’m marrying someone, my job is therefore to feed hundreds of guests and shell out cash for others to have a good time.

I’m not saying I don’t appreciate weddings. I get them, I’m all for them and I think it’s a beautiful thing to witness. I’m just saying that, for me, I don’t see a need for one. Courthouse, document, done.

And I’m not saying I don’t appreciate rings, either. I think they’re pretty and sparkly and fun to look at, and I love it when others get the one they’ve always dreamed of. But I don’t know that I need one of those, either.

If anyone is ever so inclined, however, melting down a few beer bottle caps and shaping them into a circle would work for me. I’d wear it. Besides, it’s delightfully artsy-fartsy and uber creative. Plus, I’ve been known to enjoy a beer every now and again, and would be happy to have a few to yield said caps. Two birds, one stone.

Unless my parents win the lottery – or unless I win the lottery – there will be no grand celebration if the day ever comes when I tie the knot. Which is fine with me, because – frankly – an elaborate wedding does not a successful marriage make. I realize the converse is true, as well – a simple, no-frills deal also has the ability to tank. But I guess in the grand scheme of everything, this morning’s radio show had me a little fired up and bent out of shape primarily because love is love is love. Love is not a tangible thing, love is not a production and its depth cannot be measured by a carat or more. And for knowing this, I am thankful.

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