Do you ever stop and think about the people in your life who aren’t only present, but who have had an effect on you? I do. A number of people in the last year or so have spurred action on some level or another, and they may not even be aware of it. But I am.

The manager who gave me back my voice and my confidence.

The person who inspired less drinking and more healthy living.

My best friend who found love, and held onto it; my best friend who makes me think that it’s possible for me, too.

The guy who brushed away a thick layer of dust on my libido and restored desire to my life.

The woman (my age) at the dry cleaners whose daughter made her a grandmother two years ago, and who works tirelessly day in and day out — including weekends — to provide for everyone. This woman reminds me every few weeks that I have much to be thankful for.

People from writing groups, playwriting classes and those of you who have commented on this blog and made me think that maybe — just maybe — this could be my full-time career someday.

There are so many more who have affected me in so many ways — too many to even get through in one night. No, they may not be aware of their impact on my life, but I am. And for them, I am thankful.

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